2023 Winners


Congratulations to our e-FX Awards 2023 winners

Best liquidity provider for spot: UBS

Best liquidity provider for forwards/swaps: Deutsche Bank

Best liquidity provider for options: JP Morgan

Best liquidity provider for NDFs: JP Morgan

Best single-dealer platform: Citi

Best algo provider: BNP Paribas

Best new algo: Deutsche Bank

Best prime broker: NatWest

Best prime-of-prime broker: Invast Global

Best venue for forwards/swaps: FX HedgePool

Best venue for options: Digital Vega

Best exchange for FX: CME Group

Best retail FX platform: Saxo Bank

Best FX overlay manager: State Street

Best CCP for FX: LCH ForexClear

Best settlement initiative: CLS

Best liquidity aggregation service: oneZero

Best connectivity, hosting and co-location service: smartTrade Technologies

Best compression/optimisation service for FX: OSTTRA

Best market data provider: Fenics Market Data

Best trading technology for FX: Quod Financial

Best independent TCA provider: Tradefeedr

Best e-FX solution for corporates: MillTech FX