Winners will be selected by the judging panel on the strength of entries alone.

Each category relates to a product or service. We deliberately do not provide tight eligibility criteria – most of the categories should be self-explanatory, but any parties with queries about eligibility should contact

Any firm active in a category is eligible to enter, regardless of size, geographic focus or market share.

Liquidity provider categories

  • Best liquidity provider for spot
  • Best liquidity provider for forwards/swaps
  • Best liquidity provider for options
  • Best liquidity provider for NDFs
  • Best liquidity provider for corporates
  • Best liquidity provider for crypto derivatives
  • Best single-dealer platform
  • Best algo provider
  • Best new algo - New category for 2023

Prime brokerage categories

  • Best prime broker
  • Best prime-of-prime broker

Multilateral venue categories

  • Best venue for spot
  • Best venue for forwards/swaps
  • Best venue for options
  • Best exchange for FX
  • Best retail FX platform
  • Best new venue initiative

Infrastructure and services categories

  • Best FX overlay manager - New category for 2023
  • Best CCP for FX
  • Best settlement initiative
  • Best liquidity aggregation service
  • Best connectivity, hosting and co-location service
  • Best compression/optimisation service for FX

Software and data categories

  • Best market data provider
  • Best benchmark provider - New category for 2023
  • Best trading technology for FX
  • Best independent TCA provider
  • Best e-FX solution for corporates - New category for 2023