2019 Programme

The Westin Singapore




Conference chairperson opening remarks


Critical macro events that can impact your portfolio: political risks to keep a close eye on

  • The outcomes of the US-China trade talks: deal or no deal and what next?
  • The impacts of China’s opening markets and US$ shortage: opportunities and disruptions
  • Who’s next in the US’ crosshairs: Japan, EU and the auto-industry?
  • EU business sentiment as Brexit talks ramble on and Trump reloads for the 2020 election
  • The populist wave in global elections and its impact on monetary policy

James Alexander, COO, INVAST GLOBAL

Jason Daw, Head of Emerging Markets Strategy, SOCIÉTÉ GÉNÉRALE
Colin Graham, Chief Investment Officer, EASTSPRING INVESTMENTS
Moh Siong Sim, Currency Strategist, BANK OF SINGAPORE
Saktiandi Supaat, Head of FX Research & Strategy, MAYBANK GROUP


Emerging Markets reforms and perpetual liquidity question

  • What does political uncertainty mean for the DM and EM distinction?
  • EM pro-market reforms: who’s progressing and who isn’t? Which FX regimes are the front runners?
  • EM FX risk management: what are the trends for futures and NDFs amongst market players?

Charu Chanana, Economist and Market Strategist, Continuum Economics

Divya Devesh, Asia FX Strategist, STANDARD CHARTERED BANK
Mitul Kotecha, Senior Emerging Markets Strategist, TD SECURITIES
Wilson Luk, Director, APAC FX Strategist Sales, BNY MELLON
Hao Zhou, Senior EM Economist Asia, COMMERZBANK


Driving towards resilience in clearing: what’s next?

  • How can buy-side benefit from clearing FX?
  • What could the alternatives to OTC FX Clearing be?
  • How do clearing houses assess risk exposure of clearing members? What tools are available?
  • How to respond to changes in credit worthiness of clearing members

Keeve Tan, Head of Futures & Leveraged FX, OCBC Securities

Kate Birchall, Head of Asia Pacific, LCH
Sumaiya Choudhury, Global Head, In-Business Risk, Financial Markets, STANDARD CHARTERED BANK
Shawn Creighton, Director, OTC Products, CME GROUP 
KC Lam, Head of FX and IR, SGX



Morning networking break


How does managing human performance using biodata collected by wearable technology mitigate market risk?

  • What does it mean to optimise profit by increasing human performance?
  • How do you strengthen Machine Learning predictive models using biodata?
  • What is the future of fund management?
    • How does wearable technology put a competitive advantage within reach?
    • What does it look like when ASEAN financial institutions embrace the future?

Ken Medanic, Managing Director, Neurotrader


A Closer Look at China: Too big to ignore

  • China capital markets: What are the current macro trends in China?
  • China inclusion in key global indices: What are foreign investors’ behaviour and uptake?
  • China inbound schemes: What are the key challenges for foreign investors?
  • Future trends and roadmap ahead: What’s next?

Magdalene Tay, APAC Custody Product Manager, BNY Mellon

Roland Mieth, Senior Vice President, Emerging Markets Portfolio Manager, PIMCO
Zhanying Li, Director, FTSE Russell




Algos update: Flash crashes and growth areas

  • What are the latest innovations traders need to be aware of?
  • Dive into algo actions during flash crash scenarios – how to train your machine.
  • Growth of algos beyond the G7 currencies.
  • The development of smart algos for the NDF world.

Leo Tay, Head, FX Trading Asia, ING BANK

Daniel Lau, Portfolio Manager, Asia Fixed Income & FX, PIMCO
Rob Ma, FX Client Algo Strategist, GOLDMAN SACHS
Jean-Philippe Malé, Chief Executive Officer, BIDFX
Rory Winston, Director, e-FX, COMMERZBANK


CLS and FX Market Trends

  • How are global macroeconomic trends and key regulatory policies shaping the post trade FX market?
  • How does this impact APAC market participants and what are they doing to evolve in  this context?
  • What role does CLS play in mitigating FX related risks for market participants and supporting best practice?

Margaret Law, Head of Client Management APAC, CLS


The next wave of cryptocurrency trading

  • What has been done in the institutional crypto trading space to address risk and compliance concerns?
  • What can the crypto world learn from the FIAT exchanges with proven, trusted technology?
  • Has 2019 brought gains for OTC crypto compared to exchanges?
  • Will digital assets receive the same level of financing and credit infrastructure as other asset classes in the next 5 years?

Alexandre Kech, CEO, ONCustodian

Phillip Gillespie, CEO B2C2 Japan, B2C2
Quentin Miller, Head of Institutional FX, Asia Pacific, LMAX Exchange
Dr Zhou Hongming, CEO, HomiEX


Afternoon networking break


Interactive q&a on clearing, credit and access to liquidity

  • Uncleared margin rules and clearing- who’s captured in phases 4 and 5?
  • What are the drivers moving people to clear their FX?
  • Has the clearing of over-the-counter FX options proven to be a game-changer?
  • Are buy side actors and regional banks clearing their FX?

Kate Birchall, Head of Asia Pacific, LCH


Networking Champagne Roundtables

Led by a subject matter expert, each roundtable will provide delegates with an opportunity to delve deep into the main talking points that arise throughout the day.

You are invited to pick a table and gain insights from our subject matter experts:

Roundtable A:
Macro Insight

Khoon Goh, Head of Asia Research, ANZ Research

Roundtable B:
Regulatory reform – a view from Asia-Pacific

Rick Lakhiani, Director of Regulatory Reform, Citigroup

Roundtable C:
How much FX? – the impact of centralised treasury functions on FX activity
Christopher Emslie, Asia Regional Treasurer, General Mills


Chairperson’s closing remarks and cocktail reception