Sponsors 2021

Sponsors 2021

LCH ForexClear, a leading provider of foreign exchange (FX) derivatives clearing, delivers unmatched capital and operational efficiencies. Built in partnership with the market and with the benefit of LCH’s extensive experience in interest rate swaps clearing, ForexClear’s 24-hour FX clearing service offers industry-leading risk management for deliverable FX forwards, spot and options, non-deliverable forwards and non-deliverable options, across multiple emerging market and G10 currency pairs. LCH is an LSEG business.

oneZero Financial Systems has been a leading innovator in multi-asset class enterprise trading technology for over a decade. Its powerful software encompasses the Hub, EcoSystem and Data Source - three components that separately solve specific organizational challenges and together provide a complete solution for trading technology, distribution and analytics. Through reliable connectivity, technology, infrastructure and market access, oneZero empowers financial institutions and brokers to compete effectively in the global financial markets through a globally compliant, liquidity-neutral solution.

Baton Systems is transforming the movement of financial assets across the world’s largest financial markets. Delivering on-demand synchronisation and orchestration of asset movements, Baton introduces zero friction processes to enable financial institutions to achieve real time, risk-less payments and settlements, and eliminate pre-funding requirements - to increase capital efficiency and operational resiliency whilst reducing cost.

Founded in 2016 by Silicon Valley technologists and capital market specialists, the Baton platform has been deployed by several of the world’s largest global financial institutions, connecting them to custodians and nostro providers and the world’s biggest CCPs. Baton now  facilitates the movement of billions of dollars of cash and securities every day.


Find out more at www.batonsystems.com.