FX leaders panel series

FX leaders panel series


Curated by the FX Markets editorial team, the FX leaders panel series will consist of four interactive panel discussions. Each session will deliver current and forward-looking insights and innovative solutions for the FX community during this time of global uncertainty and digital transformation.

FX clearing - June 30

Topics to be discussed:

  • UMR implementation
  • SA-CCR the new regulatory framework
  • Does the buy side need further benefits and incentives to clear?
  • Forwards, swaps and options clearing
  • What's the future of FX futures


Settlement - November 23

Topics to be discussed:

  • How big a problem is settlement risk, given the increasing prevalence of internalisation among the bigger liquidity providers?
  • Will CLS’s proposal for an alternative settlement system for currencies that are not currently eligible for CLSSettlement help tackle the problem?
  • Is adding new direct or third party participants to CLSSettlement a viable approach?
  • What are the prospects for other settlement providers?


Buy-side - 2021 Date TBC

On this panel, leaders from the buy side will discuss:

  • Swaps/forwards rolling strategies going into year-end

  • Whether current conditions will require a change in duration of hedges

  • Are alternative hedging instruments useful in this environment?

  • Strategies for sourcing FX spot and derivatives liquidity


Banks - 2021 Date TBC

Our expert panel will discuss fundamental questions about the future of competition in the spot FX market:

  • Will there be enough flow in the primary markets to sustain the current number of market makers?

  • How could the role of smaller market makers change?

  • Will LPs continue to be one stop shops in all time zones?

  • How tight can spreads go, and what impacts could it have on the competitive landscape?


Who will attend?

Spark partnerships by meeting senior global professionals from the FX community. 

Job titles: C-level, heads of department, directors, senior management 

Sectors: asset managers, hedge funds, pension funds, corporates, central banks, commercial banks, investment banks, brokers, regulators, data vendors, software vendors, exchanges and clearing houses, fintechs and infrastructure players. 

Benefits of becoming an FX leaders partner

  • Meet senior influencers allocating budgets within the FX community 
  • Enhance your brand's visibility by taking part in the industry's most trusted event, led by the editorial team at FX Markets
  • Generate leads and drive business growth

How FX Leaders can work for you, example package:

  • Status of 'Sponsor' across all marketing
  • Pre-event: logo and profile published on event website
  • Logo and profile published on event signage and virtual platform
  • Opportunity to take part in a panel discussion 
  • Full delegate list with contact details supplied after the event in electronic format
  • Host content such as images and PDF collateral during session

For more information on how you can get involved in the FX leaders panel series, contact: