FX Markets Australia 2022 Programme

All timings in AEST


Chairperson’s Opening Remarks

09:00 - 09:05


Keynote Address

09:05 - 09:30


The Future of AUD as a Risk Currency

09:30 - 10:00

  • The growing use of AUD as a FX hedging currency
  • The status of AUD as a “risk currency” over the medium to long-term
  • Supply and demand characteristics of AUD/USD FX forwards


ESG Spotlight: How do FX Markets and ESG come together?

10:00 - 10:40

  • How can the FX Markets become a driving force to move towards ESG goals?
  • Working with index providers and rating agencies to understand where does the company fit?
  • The role of FX hedging positions to pivot towards a cleaner, more responsible company
  • Creating derivative instruments to promote ESG and incentivize clients


Clearing FX Spotlight: Changes within the OTC Derivatives market

10:40 - 11:10

  • The sentiments of posting collateral and clearing from an Australian perspective
  • The final phase of UMR and the ripple it will create in the clearing industry
  •  Motivations for institutions to clear FX and the factors at play
  • Developments of clearing NDFs in Australia


Superannuation Highlight: Your Future Your Super Regulation’s Impact on FX Management

11:10 - 11:35

  • What are the challenges that the new regulation presents for superannuation funds
  • How will FX management for super funds change with this new upcoming regulation
  • Strategic allocations to FX in being able to offset risks


Tenor Management of FX Hedges

11:35 - 12:05

  • Benefits of staggering AUD/USD FX hedges through time
  • Are the benefits weakening for AUD/USD FX hedges?
  • Managing liquidity management pool through FX hedges
  • Capturing positive carry that has returns for longer tenors


Big Data Spotlight: The role of data in day-to-day FX trading

12:05 - 12:35

  • Implementing aggregated data platforms for instructed decision making
  • Utilizing data to check precise aspects of market conditions, spreads, volume, price, and limits of each trade
  • The role of data in automation and how important it is during volatile periods
  • Cloud facilitated and expedited analytical calculations to support FX trading desks


Sell-side Perspective: The latest products and offerings – access to new liquidity pools

12:35 - 13:05

  • Providing best execution through fostering better data-centric solutions and analytics
  • Managing credit components for non-bank liquidity providers as it relates to FX prime brokerage
  • Questions surrounding instant liquidity and market micro-structure influencing trade execution
  • Evolution of trading suite services to secure best execution


End of FX Markets Australia

13:05 - 13:10